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designed just for the solo traveler

simple stays, affordable rates, everything you need and nothing you don't

why go solo?

style. price. ease of use. there are a number reasons to go solo. we're affordable, clean and offer great futures at a great price. solo isn't like other motels you'll find in the city, we aim to do things a bit differently around here that work just for you.

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we also offer things like
1/2 day bookings
only need to stay half a day? cool with us.
late checkins
getting in at 10pm? we’ve got you covered.
early checkins
early bird? check in as early as 8am with us.

we offer things that other just don't

solo is everything I could possibly need. all the comfort, no fluff. just perfect for me...
-jennifer s., miami

when you go solo, you're never alone

we're made just for you

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the solo motel promise

at solo we promise a simple uncomplicated stay with everything you need, and nothing you don't. enjoy your stay, and go solo today.

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simple. affordable. easy. so what are you waiting for?

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